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Dick Stoner

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Dick Stoner

Solutions in Real Estate Management, Brokerage and Technology for RE and Agricultural applications, including Nutrient Trading and Best Practices in exploring revenue potential for rural lands in particular.

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Posted on 04/21/2019
Is Taking Your Shoes Off in the House a Fad?
In many cultures, wearing the same shoes in the home that are worn out of doors is frowned upon. Of course, in some places where you both sit and sleep on pillows or mats on the floor, removing shoes seems logical and even mannerly. But in our fast-paced get in and out the door lifestyle is there a...
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Posted on 04/14/2019
Some Possible Financial Issues You Can Prepare For
Have you been wondering lately about why you are always broke? You will need to ask yourself a lot of important questions to know exactly what you are doing wrong. These are the questions that will help you point out the primary reasons for your financial woes. Going by data made available by the World Bank, a considerable...
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Posted on 04/07/2019
Where You Live Matters
When searching for your new home, it’s easy to get caught up looking for a house with all your ideal features. While you should try to find something with the number of rooms, lot size, garage, and basement space you desire, don’t let yourself forget how important your home’s location is. After you move in and experience daily...
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Posted on 04/04/2019
Video Tour - 1350 Baltimore #901 Avery, Rockville, MD 20851
You must drive by this property first to see the setting. While it's not for everyone, it is unique to live on a 20+ acre parcel of land in Rockville, MD. This is non-profit...
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